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Kevin Brauch The star of the Thirsty Traveler talks about his ways of maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

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Dr. Marla answers viewer questions -- read by nutritionist Leslie Beck -- about vaccinations and hearing loss.

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The Eating Edge

What's the best -- and healthiest -- way to lose weight? Four of today's fad diets make their claims, while registered dietitian Fran Berkoff gives her take on the trends.

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10 a.m. EST

• How certain diets affect the brain and memory
• Hiding your body's biggest flaws, courtesy of Totum Life Science
• Psychotherapy 101
• Ask an Expert: Nutrition professor Dr. Carol Greenwood
• Works for Me: Medical researcher Michael Lyon

1 p.m. EST

• A look at anxiety with Dr. Ariel Dalfen
• Caroline McCann-Bizjak: Poached Salmon Wrapped in Nori Leaf
• Financial planning from the author of Surprise! You're Wealthy
• Ask an Expert: Psychiatrist Dr. Ariel Dalfen
• Works for Me: Dr. George Gillson

August "Works for Me" Contest: Tell us how your nutrition habits keep you balanced, and you could win a New Balance Fall running package worth over $450 OR a $100 Living Well gift basket.

Read a selection of great entries from our July contest: Tell us how exercise helps give your life balance.

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